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Freitag, 26. Januar 2018, 10:43

End of Cultures Online

Dear Community

It has been a wild ride, hasn’t it? Back in 2009, when we decided to release our game classic Cultures as browser game we surely did consider a lot, but we were still unable to foresee a bunch of things. Some brave Vikings started the expedition. Luckily enough we had some fans of the Cultures series on our dragon boat right from the start.

After Europe was explored, we went off to Atlantis raising its legendary treasures. But true heroes are never satisfied and are found worldwide which is reason why Vikings sailed off to Asia and Asians came to Europe. And after that we conquered America to visit their cultures and learn from them.

Soon the gods became aware of our combined powers and created new challenges. Nothing less but Ragnarök, the dawning of the gods itself, was cast upon us as a test. Yet together we were able to prevent the end in world after world time and time again. Recently even the dragon Long trusted us to see him through the salvation of the world as we know it.

Many songs and many stories have been written and will live on in those who tell and the ones who listen. One surely being our voyages to Asgard itself, raising our heroes to godlike glory.

So many challenges have been met, so many tasks accomplished. Which only made the decision that had to be made now even harder for us. The new technical requirements can no longer be met by Cultures Online. Let alone the end of Adobe Flash Player and its growing constraints of usage are a barrier here, although not the only one.

Didn’t we say there was a lot we did not foresee? Sailing the seas in Cultures Online with so many loyal fans and so many new heroes still after almost eight years definitely was not foreseen by us. Unfortunately, most of the technical developments that now obstruct us from keeping Cultures Online live have also not been foreseen by us. Which now makes it impossible for us to keep the game running. That’s why we had to decide to deactivate it.

Cultures Online will continue until March 31, 2018. From April 1, 2018 the game will be offline.

We are planning some final events for you which will be announced in the forum.

We thank each and every one of you.

Best regards,

Your Cultures Online Team
I am a Funatic

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