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Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013, 10:07

Forum Rules

Dear community,

Please read the forum rules presented in this thread. (this is a copy of the Rules that can be read up in the Terms of service section).

Forum Rules:

Welcome to the forum of Cultures Online. All players are invited to join the forum and talk about the

game, any changes and ideas. Additionally this is the first place changes to the game and events will be

announced by the representatives. Players need to register to the forum in order to participate. We have

created a few rules to make sure the forum is fit for the purpose.

1. The aim of the forum is to discuss and exchange ideas. The main focus is on the game Cultures

Online. Discussions sometimes lead to strong emotions. Despite this fact, bashing, pestering and

insulting is not excusable. The golden rule here is: treat others like you wish to be treated.

2. Publishing unlawful, sexually offensive, threatening, abusive, malicious, obscene, defamatory,

hateful, racially or ethnically derogatory content is strictly prohibited.

3. It is prohibited to present or impersonate an employee of the Funatics Software GmbH. The type or

form of communication used is of no importance in this case.

4. Privacy of correspondence: It is prohibited to publish personal messages without the expressed

consent of the other party.

5. The upload/distribution of copyright protected materials without the consent of the copyright owner is


6. It is prohibited to talk about games that banned in Germany (games that are not allowed to be

promoted or published in, or imported into Germany). Talking about other games is allowed as long as

it is no advertising.

7. Sale or advertising of goods or services is prohibited. This includes goods and services that are

related to cultures online. Fansites are excluded from this rule as long as they are noncommercial.

8. Information on exploits and their use may not be published in the forum. Please sent a PN to the


Exploits tend to destroy the balance of the game and by doing so harm the longtime fun of a game.

Therefore no one should be encouraged to use them.

9 Spam: Spam disrupts communication and contradict the purpose of a forum, hence it is prohibited.

Spam is defined as: posting and re-posting texts without meaning, only partial words or pictures.

Hijacking a thread (changing the topic and meaning of a thread) too will be viewed as spam.

10. Bans, penalties and the attempt of circumvention:

Should a player try to avoid a forum ban or penalty by creating a new account, both (and any further

accounts), will be permanently banned from the forum. For severe cases, we reserve the right of partial

or complete ban of the game account.

11. Violations of these rules will be punished by the representatives. The persons affected will

be informed of the penalty and the reasons. A public debate on penalties is not intended, and will

optionally be deleted without warning.

12. Threads and Posts violating the forum rules will be deleted without prior warning.

I speak German and English. Any other language will be answered in English after using an automated translation program. Hence the answers in that case might be more general than desired. I am sorry for that.


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