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Freitag, 13. März 2015, 15:54

You Aren't Up For 3.14159265359 ?

Hello Cultures Community!

The 3/14/15 is Pi Day. Starting at 9:26 am and for 53 minutes and 59 seconds only we will reward your heroes with an unbelievable 314% XP bonus for their missions.

Your Cultures Online-Team
I am a Funatic


Samstag, 14. März 2015, 10:31

That's it, I am done with this game. You make an event and do not list which timezone, so now I've missed it due to thinking it was another time than it was. Thanks a lot for saving me the trouble of spending any more money on the game.


Montag, 16. März 2015, 12:50

Hello Falconfury!

Please accept our apologies for not posting the time zone. This should not have happened.

On the other hand; What exactly made you think that this event only would have a different time zone than all the other events?

With kind regards,
I am a Funatic


Mittwoch, 18. März 2015, 09:16

What would make me think the event would have a different timezone than all the others?... Honestly, I don't know if you are joking or are really asking, so let me list all the events from almost 6 months back and see how many timezones are used (or not used).
This event is announced in GMT: Halloween event: Caution - Scary souls are sneaking around!
No timezone listed on this event: Bonus Event: 10/30/2014 (3:00pm) - 11/02/2014 (3:00pm)
GMT: Runeevent November 29-30
GMT: Christmas is approaching at Cultures Online - The Christmas event 2014
GMT: Weekend rune packages offer 20%
GMT: XP and Wanderlust dec 20 noon until dec 22 noon
No timezone listed: I’m a hero… I’m out of here...
No timezone listed: YOU AREN’T UP for Jungle Monkey Business?
No timezone listed: The ‚What is a Boost?‘-Event
CET: Wanderlust and XP-Event
UTC: Guild Dungeon Event - February 26 - March 1
GMT: Runeevent February 28 – March 1
CET: ‚What is a boost?‘ –Event
CET: German Day of Healthy Food - Wanderlust and XP-Event
CET: You aren’t up for crime films?
No timezone listed: Worship of Tools Day .
No timezone listed: You Aren't Up For 3.14159265359 ?

So, 3 different timezones used over less than 6 months, and almost half the time there isn't even a timezone listed, so people (from all over the world) have to guess when the events start. It doesn't help that many of the events are extremely short, like the one that lasted 53 minutes.

For a while now I have pointed out the problems happening with events in this thread Event problems in general but it just doesn't seem like anybody is listening, so I have decided to spend my money elsewhere, and honestly, I am sad about that, because I have made many friends here over the 6+ years I played Cultures (yes, 6+ years) and I will be sorry to say goodbye to them.

I hope, for the sake of the game, that someone listens soon.

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