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Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015, 15:38

New Year’s Day January 1, 2016 .

Will your new year start off well? Your village in Cultures Online plans a smashing party, but your heroes won't be tired at all.

Welcome the new year with a nice voyage, we will give you 2016 points of Wanderlust on New Year's Day (overall, not additionally). So, set sails and wish a happy new year to as many people as you can!

Happy New Year,

Yours Cultures Online Team
I am a Funatic


Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015, 14:11

any servers have event at 31 of december, and others at 1 if january?. I dont understand amidala, can you explain?


Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015, 14:18

sorry, I have seen the other event now at forum, I understand we have two events .thanks


Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2015, 09:22

no xp? or is it a joke?

to do or not to do....


Freitag, 1. Januar 2016, 12:49

For those of us still working on the random mission achievement then it is simply do as many as we can.

Personally I am happy we didn't have extra xp this time. Between buying DYY runs and gaining as much xp as I could I have run low on resources and seals. Although I am on the push for God Levels I enjoy a small change up in the events now and then.

My wish for future events would be to combine WL and a seal sale or a rune sale of 20%+ off. If this was followed by an event with both a WL and an xp boost then I am set on my quest to become the mightiest of the jötnar in the 1 of 9.

Alas wishing in one hand while attempting to catch hurled chimpanzee excretion derives only one clear winner. My thoughts towards the git who made the (overall, not additionally) necessary are...Mate, if ya canna see what they were tryin' ta do den how can ya turn on da box ya play dis game from? In shorthand grassyass pora el evento*.

*In the world of unique languages I wonder how important Yinspaniol is? The local translation is thank you for the event. If there is a market for a Yinspaniol translator in the world I'd love to know about it.


Freitag, 1. Januar 2016, 19:59


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