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Freitag, 28. März 2014, 10:29

Switching time to daylight saving time

Dear Community,

on 30th of March 2014 we will switch our watches to summertime here in Europe. Hence players who will change their watches will experience some minor effects.

1. Buff will feel like the lost an hour. The buffs still run the time allotted but will end one our earlier than normal (according to your watch)

2. The Wanderlust reset will be one hour later than before. It will be 2:00 (MET) not 1:00 (MET). Please keep in mind that the US Server has different timers.

Why is that happening?
For consistent time-stamps on the logs we use UTC as the server time. As UTC doesn´t use dailight saving time those changes create those surprising effects.

Your Cultures Online Team
I speak German and English. Any other language will be answered in English after using an automated translation program. Hence the answers in that case might be more general than desired. I am sorry for that.


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